The Effects of Single Bevel Broadheads on Game

Dr Ashby discusses in detail the effects of single bevel broadheads on game elsewhere on our sites.

While Dr. Ed's discussions are in fact the last word on this subject, following are some photos of Tuffheadtm broadheads on actual animals that demonstrate many of the factors.

Single blade far side exit woundsingle blade broadhead lung cut
This photo of the exit side of Howard Harder's 2011 moose and the lung cut on the same animal, demonstrates the typical "L" shaped rotational effect of a single bevel broadhead like the Tuffheadtm

Split far side femur on hog
This recent photo of a hog femur shot by Vance Skinner show the bone splitting action of the single bladed Tuffheadtm.
As Dr. Ashby discusses, the rotational action of the single blade, coupled with the Tuffhead'stm strong tanto tip, allows the broadhead to penetrate and open bones.

One advantage of the single bevel besides internal damage that it does as it rotates is a large exit hole that it creates for better blood trails. Check out this YouTube blood trail video from a Tuffhead user in Alabama.

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